Monday, July 26, 2010

2 New Paintings! (Process)

So I just finished a pretty big job that was digitally done and labour intensive! I had a great time working on it but I was dying to loosen up and try out some other concepts of mine!

I started two new paintings for fun and experience.

The first is a portrait I hope to make look a lot more interesting and the second is of 2 pink things that don't have reflections yet.

Although these two works aren't good representations of what I'm about to say, I really want to make my work have more of an emotional connection with the viewer. Most great works of art contain mood and feeling and I need to start learning how to wield these two unteachable principals. I want to learn how to make people feel.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Long Time!

So it's been quite awhile since I last posted anything on this blog and I thought at 5:38 in the morning, that it'd be a good idea too. I've been really busy lately, doing random creations like painting a 10 foot long, long board with my good friend David! And getting things in line for the next step(s) to my website! Good things are coming! And updates will follow with this page too! - *on a side note for this blog: it has now become "ill droppings", and will be a wild card for my stuff that really has no place anywhere but has to be created!

Of late! I designed a new cover for a Rhino Thug (Amazing BC Rapper named Kid Lithium) who just happens to be letting the world download his newest album at: click here

And! I just put my ink drawing, "Cautious Cock" up on Threadless for voting! As of right now, it only has 5 more days to be voted on. Which is funny because "5" is the number you want to vote on, if you want it to be made into a t-shirt! If you voted for me, it'd be fun like a useless thing you write in the back of your best friend's yearbook.

I wrote
I wrote this
I wrote this to
I wrote this to take
I wrote this to take up
I wrote this to take up space
I wrote this to take up more space
I wrote this to take up more space.