Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paddle Happy.

Just a really fun assignment using Adobe After Effects.

Walk cycle - first time using the program - please don't hate.


anjo said...

aww...i love this cute little guy lol!
i wanna loop it but i guess i can't do that here.
add some music or sound effect to it, it's gonna be frigging funny!:D
i should probably post mine up too i guess hahahahahahha

Justine said...

hahaha, so this is what you guys do in fourth year! sweeet. what class was this for?

Hannah Haena Kim said...

wow, seriously this is awesome, Jesse. You're so good.

Jesse Graham said...

lol Thanks for the comments!

This class was Animated Illustration Justine - a new course!

Angel you make me laugh - your all about the sound effects. I'm sure you add them to everything while walking down a street.

anjo said...

omg how did you know?! i even add sound effect for strangers i see on the streets. usually it's boing boing.

Caroline Hung said...

More like a roll eh? har.
You should loop it! Anyway, awesome work Jesse. Hope you're enjoying your fourth year.