Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Late Night Drawing #1

So I should have been working on an essay that's due for me this Friday but
instead I thought it better to get some grey scale practice in. Looking at
busts and casts inspire me to draw and paint to know end (wish I owned one) so I
decided to do just that.

One of my life goals is to sit down in front of a fountain, any
fountain for that matter in Florence and draw that mother up!
Just thinking about that gets me amped!
Like my ex-girlfriend always said to me, "Someday Jesse, someday."


Dead.Weight said...

whats this done with?
Someday Jesse, someday

Cristian Camaroschi said...

So SIK MAN!!!!

Jesse Graham said...

LOL Hey Tee! It's just done on the computer - I used Painter for it!

Jesse Graham said...

Thanks Cam!