Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Figure Drawing 04/28/09

Last Sunday I was just taking up space and air so I decided to
break my fast from TSA and go for some extra life drawing.
It was a spontaneous decision but I'm so happy that I did it!
I almost forgot for a second that the whole reason why I'm
in this illustration game is because I love to draw.

During my session I dropped my 4B general and it was toast!
You know what I'm saying. The worst position you could
be in - sharpen - break - sharpen - br e a k.
Like damn man, now I'm paying ten dollars to look at a naked guy.
lol But dun-dun-dun-dun-dunt-DUNT! I
yelled out good ol' "E-CHO-GE-O" and ask a korean guy if I could borrow
some of whatever he could give me.
Of course - conte - the thing I never use.

But whatever, I actually enjoyed it and
it took me away from drawing so technically.
It was a nice feeling to draw with tone instead of line.

These drawings are both five minutes long.


Glendon Mellow said...

Excellent, man!

I like the planes on the leg og the lower one, terrific dimensionality.

Dead.Weight said...

i miss figure drawing with you SOOO much!

Jesse Graham said...

Hey Glendon. Thanks a lot. I to was feeling that one. It felt right when I laid down those strokes. Thanks for noticing.

Jesse Graham said...

I miss drawing beside you too Tee! We always had that corner, no one would even try and take our spots. lol

Dead.Weight said...

I like how I never see you responding to my comments. Makes me kind of sad, and yes, no one would mess with our corner.