Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Figure Drawing 04/28/09

Last Sunday I was just taking up space and air so I decided to
break my fast from TSA and go for some extra life drawing.
It was a spontaneous decision but I'm so happy that I did it!
I almost forgot for a second that the whole reason why I'm
in this illustration game is because I love to draw.

During my session I dropped my 4B general and it was toast!
You know what I'm saying. The worst position you could
be in - sharpen - break - sharpen - br e a k.
Like damn man, now I'm paying ten dollars to look at a naked guy.
lol But dun-dun-dun-dun-dunt-DUNT! I
yelled out good ol' "E-CHO-GE-O" and ask a korean guy if I could borrow
some of whatever he could give me.
Of course - conte - the thing I never use.

But whatever, I actually enjoyed it and
it took me away from drawing so technically.
It was a nice feeling to draw with tone instead of line.

These drawings are both five minutes long.

Late Night Drawing #1

So I should have been working on an essay that's due for me this Friday but
instead I thought it better to get some grey scale practice in. Looking at
busts and casts inspire me to draw and paint to know end (wish I owned one) so I
decided to do just that.

One of my life goals is to sit down in front of a fountain, any
fountain for that matter in Florence and draw that mother up!
Just thinking about that gets me amped!
Like my ex-girlfriend always said to me, "Someday Jesse, someday."

Saturday, March 7, 2009


An Illustration illustrating the review to Kanye West's newest album, "808's and Heartbreak"
The short of it is that he's a cry baby and he sounds more like a robot than human.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Respect. Protect. Fulfill.

An illustration assignment where we had to illustrate three words: Respect, Protect and Fulfill. The parameters though were that the illustrations had to be floating images and black and white (no tones).