Friday, February 6, 2009

Birch Bark

For our very first illustration assignment we had to come up with a personal guilty pleasure and create an illustration for it. My guilty pleasure was ripping birch bark from birch trees.

This pleasure came about from when I was little and would frequently go to North Bay to see my Grandparents. They had a cottage there with birch trees that I would strip before the end of our visit.

Looking back on all this and relating to my illustration, it was the joy of revealing something underneath the surface that I found so entertaining. It felt like it was for my eyes only, as if the tree regrew it's "skin" just for me, so I could rip it away again.

"Birch Bark"


eunice luk said...

this is so neat! i never knew you liked natureeee!

Caitlin said...

Again, with the redheads!
It's funny how a concept as a child can be transformed into something suggestive when you think of it now in retrospect.

Jesse Graham said...

Thanks Eunice!

Jesse Graham said...

Oh yea Caitlin. Were sexual from the start.

AshleeJasmine said...

This is one definite "delicious" Illustration.

Jesse Graham said...

lol! Thanks Ashlee.

Ashley Jin Kim said...

agh! this is fantastic. This one really speaks to me.

btw,'s kinda my old stuff

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