Saturday, October 4, 2008


I know, I know. It's not the best thing I've ever designed nor the most amazing thing you'll see today! But forget that! It's MC MONG! lol And it's the only way I was going to do this assignment without a fight. (I listened to "Show's Just Begun" five times in a row while doing this - it made me feel "crazy" - Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha HA!!!)


Caitlin said...


oh my goodness, Jesse. what the fuck! I would have never guessed this was you who did this. unless you turned into raindrop and started puking rainbows.. anyways, you should put a little more contrast in the face. mc mong is fading behind the text!

This has just made my night, thank you.

Jesse Graham said...

lol. Glad to have made your night. I had fun doing it, what can I say. I didn't give a shit about the mark - but thanks for the comment - Your right about his face.

Sherry said...

LOL jesse i love the colours. MC MONG's the greatest! He's so funny on 2 days 1 night lol (er 1 night 2 days) lol. ahhh i love that show.. lol.

btw, i went to your school the other day :P

Jenny said...

MC MONNNG! u got me thinking about u whenever i listen to his music now! LOL! especially "crazy love~~" u and ur crazy text msgs =)

Mc Mong's #1 Fan : Tom said...

yeaaaaaaaaah michigaetsuhh~~~

Dave Tries said...

this is actualy one of my more favorite things ive seen you do i really fucking love it

can you make me a cd cover like that?

ill s yo d

Yoo Jin said...

i love it!!!!!!!!

i luv his hair style and the colour palette tho..he looks
so same!! do some more illustrations like that!! wat abtou Kim C next time? LOL