Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This illustration was a challenge since I tried a new execution that I've never experienced before. It was transferring an image using matte medium. I've been exposed to this a bunch and have always wanted to try and make it work for me an my illustrations but have never had the chance. With this new assignment from Taxali, I knew it was my opportunity!

The assignment was to illustrate a fortune from a random fortune cookie that my professor handed out. My fortune was "An old friend, will introduce you to new people and pleasures". Seeing how fortune cookies are so cliche and "to the point" I tried to challenge myself by taking cliche imagery like doing drugs and illustrating it in a way that didn't seem everyday. I'm happy with the final result and I have to give a big shout out too my good friend Rad Dan who helped me with the execution of transferring and painting the image.

4x6 graphite on paper

Final on chip board


sheryan said...

jesse i really love how this turned out. arent you glad i told you to flip the image around when you were printing it out? lol =)
- sher

Jesse Graham said...

LOL I so am! Glad to have a pro-active friend like you!